What is heirloom furniture?

    Heirloom furniture is built to last for generations. Heirloom furniture must be of top quality and its design needs to withstand the test of time. Many of the furniture pieces made by Vermont Made Furniture are heirloom quality pieces. They are made with the finest woods, using the best craftmanship techniques, and with classic designs that have transcended generations.

    What is contemporary furniture vs traditional furniture?

    Contemporary or modern furniture style started in the 20th century and is typically driven by function over style. Contemporary furniture designers will play with new lines, new colors, and new materials. Traditional furniture makers on the other hand, look at history to influence their designs and styles.

    What is traditional furniture?

    Traditional furniture is furniture that is inspired by historical furniture styles. Traditional furniture is often large and heavy and relies on old-world craftmanship for its manufacturing process. Traditional furniture is especially well suited for large rooms.

    What does transitional furniture mean?

    Transitional furniture mixes the design elements of traditional and classic furniture styles with that of modern or contemporary furniture styles. You will typically find the straight lines of contemporary furniture with the curves of classic furniture.

    What is shaker furniture?

    Shaker furniture is a distinctive furniture style developed by the Shakers. The shaker furniture style is minimalist and focused on functionality. Shaker furniture belongs to the Amish furniture styles along with Mission furniture.

    How to build shaker furniture?

    Shaker furniture is not only known for its simplicity, derived from its focus on function rather than on ornamentation, but also by its world-class workmanship. Shaker furniture manufacturers not only have to understand the intricacies of the wood they use, they also need to have a commitment to the craftsmanship techniques to build utility-centric furniture.

    What is contemporary furniture?

    Contemporary furniture, also known as modern furniture, is furniture built after the 19th century. Contemporary furniture design is characterized by clean lines, soft edges, vibrant colors, and a variety of materials. It is usually designed for function.


    What is cottage style furniture?

    Cottage furniture became popular in the US between 1830 and 1890. Cottage furniture is usually painted or decorated and characterized by its simplicity and comfort. 


    What is coastal furniture?

    Coastal furniture is typically weathered furniture painted with maritime themes and ocean hues.  There are many different forms of coastal furniture, but the American Coastal furniture is rapidly becoming one of the most popular furniture styles in the United States.


    What is craftsman style furniture?

    Craftsman style furniture is another term for Mission furniture. The two terms appeared on opposite coasts of the United States, but encompass the same principles.